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Figtree Heights Public School is intended to be a full uniform school. This policy is supported and encouraged by the Department of School Education. All children representing our school in cultural or sporting events must wear school or sports uniform, including school hats.

Uniforms are now available for sale from Figtree LOWES. For your convenience a uniform price list is available from the front office. We currently have a selection of new uniforms for sale in the Uniform Pool room, however, there is very limited stock.

Volunteers from Figtree Heights P&C also operate a clothing pool where used, good quality uniforms are available for purchasing. The clothing pool also accepts the donation of unwanted uniforms for re-sale. The clothing pool room is open from 8:45 - 9:15am Monday mornings. Alternatively you can see the ladies in the front office and they will assist you accessing this resource. 

Figtree Heights School uniform is a symbol of our school and looks fantastic when all of our students wear it together. 

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