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About our school

Figtree Heights Public School promotes a unity of purpose between the school and its community and appreciates the importance of the parents' place on educational achievement.

The small size of the school fosters a sense of belonging for all. The school seeks to maximise academic learning through a strong emphasis on curriculum and learning. The established culture of the school encourages parental and community involvement which enhances the learning environment for the students.

The students' educational experiences are extended by enrichment programs offered to all students, Kindergarten to Year 6 and selected students attend Gifted and Talented programs organised by the Figtree Community of Schools. Within the wider community, the school is recognised for its excellence in music and for its 100% student inclusion in the Primary Schools Sports Association district activities.

Figtree Heights PS School Values

  • Respect - regard for yourself, others, the law and justice within our community

  • Integrity - being consistently honest and trustworthy

  • Care - concern for others and acting with compassion

  • Fairness - being committed to the principles of social justice

  • Responsibility - being accountable for all actions

  • Excellence - striving for personal best and committing to lifelong learning

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