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Live Life Well Leadership Team


Live Life Well Team is one of the many student leadership teams we have here at FHPS. We are committed to ensuring our school is being environmentally friendly and provide lots of opportunities for our students to be involved in caring for the environment. We also encourage students and families to be active, eat well and live a healthy life. Figtree Heights Public School is proud to be part of such a fantastic initiative.


Crunch and Sip  

The Crunch and Sip Program supports students establish healthy eating habits whilst at school. At Figtree Heights, each classroom has an allocated Crunch and Sip break where all students eat fruit or vegetables and drink water. This gives students a chance to refuel, assisting physical and mental performance and concentration in the classroom.


Crunch and Sip



Clean Up Day 2020

Students, Parents and Staff took part in Clean Up Day. There was a high emphasis on the importance of maintaining and keeping our playground clean. 


Our School Garden

Every Wednesday the Live Life Well Team comes together to maintain and conserve our school garden. 



Walk Safely to School Day 2020 

Figtree Heights Public school participated in the National Walk Safely to School Day. It was a fantastic community event which promoted the important message of Active Kids are Healthy Kids. It was a great way to encourage parents, carers and their children to build regular walking to and from school into their daily routine, promote physical activity and reinforce road safety and pedestrian behaviour.